Sierra Nevada Masters Registration

Download a mail-in Sierra Nevada Masters Registration Form.

Please fill out the Registration Form as clearly as possible, and bring it with the copy of your USMS registration card, next time you swim. You can give this form to either of the coaches.

Your personal information is requested so that Sierra Nevada Masters may bill properly.  No information will be shared with any outside entity.  If you provide your e-mail address and check the box in the form, we will send your bill by e-mail.  If your personal information changes, please let us know.

U. S. Masters Registration (Online USMS Registration)

A copy of your U. S. Masters Registration must be attached.  If you are not a member of U. S. Masters Swimming, you may not workout with Sierra Nevada Masters.  The city of Reno requires that all swimmers in our group be registered because of the insurance coverage provided by U. S. Masters Swimming.  Furthermore, if you are not registered, the coach and the swimmers in your lane will not be covered if you or any other swimmer in the same lane is injured.

Billing options

The coaches are paid by Sierra Nevada Masters. Sierra Nevada Masters  pays the city of Reno for use of the pool.  Dues must be charged in order to cover these expenses and incidental expenses related to bookkeeping.

  • Annual dues: $810.00.  You may begin an annual billing cycle at any time.
  • Quarterly dues: $215.00.  You may begin a quarterly billing cycle only at the beginning of a quarter (March, June, September, or December).  Prior to the beginning of a quarter, you may be billed monthly or on a drop-in basis.
  • Monthly dues: $80.00.  If you anticipate swimming less than 10 times in the first month, you may request billing on a drop-in basis for the first month only.
  • 10 punch pass: $95.00.  The pass must be purchased before or at the time of its first use, i.e., you may not swim 10 times and then buy the pass.
  • Drop-in: $10.00 per workout.  The drop-in fee should be paid at the time you swim.  It is intended only for swimmers who workout with Sierra Nevada Masters on an intermittent basis.
  • Full time college student: $40.00 per month.  If you want to swim less than five times per month, consider a 10 punch pass.
If you decide to stop swimming, please let the bookkeeper know before the beginning of the next cycle in which you would normally receive a bill.  Bills are distributed (either mailed or handed out during workout) near the beginning of the month in which is payment is due.  Please pay as soon as possible.  Sierra Nevada Masters dues are designed to pay expenses and there is no cash buffer to cover swimmers who do not pay in a timely manner.


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